Guerrilla winds

Originally written as a comment, a bit of a drift of sorts (about the wind) over on Latoya’s blog “It’s Crazy in Here”. So spent a little time today exploring what I wrote a little more, and develop it further as prose/poem in terms of stealth weather.

Fog before the winds blow.

Guerrilla winds

Guerrilla drifts the winds in stealth, between the emerald words, these kin to lines they run ink their rivers, through the shallows deep upon each page, curling at the earth pressed edges, sharing beneath each branches approach, birds of paradise, inked in words of colour, Guerrilla drifts the wind in stealth, rough and tough between the tundra’s mountain fringes, searching as a forest waits. It’s always there, but one will not notice it to touch until face to face upon the path , alone the stranger to catch unaware till in the moment. As often you’ll hear, listen to the wind in the forest, high above, or at some distance between the tree ferns, and undergrowth. To touch it, the wind in a forest, here is when everything around is most alive, one can hear its cousin, water, coursing through her veins, coursing through the forest, as if spoken ink upon a page’s every whisper..

4 responses to “Guerrilla winds

  1. Man! This is a breathtaking view, Sean! Did you take this photo? Well, that aside, I love the way the horizon appeared, the descent of the road, and the overall calm.

    I used to live up in the hills for about five months. One of the amazing things about the place is watching the clouds move stately.

    Will be back to read other posts. You wrote a lovely poem to accompany this pic.

    • Yes, what I see as I drive to work, or go for a walk on the weekend. Just where the road runs out is the river. It was quiet morning.

      Thanks Uzoma, it is possible to drive to the top of the mountains in the background too. What was it like living in the hills?

    • Thanks Sky… Much colder where you are I think, here, even in winter we barely find temperatures below 5 degrees Celsius. A long time ago, steam trams had run up and down this street, as with several others here too.

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