Summers’ wildflowers

Waiting on those sweet smelling Summer rains and the wild …

Sean B

Initially a small comment on Latoya’s poem, “Woman”, together we came up with “Summers’ Wildflowers” as a duet. Happy escape for the season!

Rain in the green

Summers’ wildflowers

(by Latoya & Sean Bidd)

Reaching between the red cracked clay
Where the rains passed last wet season
And gave beauty meaning and reason
To be anything but dry because wildflowers were alive
And had eyes that saw everything
And nothing

Parched now waiting once more
For the dry, the drought to break
To come alive in the wet of snowflakes
The embrace of a season new
To hear the laughter on the old tin roof
In the long pause

To hear fresh again
The giggle of the trees
Birds playing hide and seek with the breeze
The water’s edge pressing at the front door
To bring on the wildflowers once more
Their dreamy scents

Of colors out beyond eyes reach
Buried between…

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