Eve’s Streets

Rockhampton City

Those long days have passed, where wild weather now slips beneath a new Winter’s chill, a fresh southerly drenched in moments.
Out now as our Sun falls and that two tone flag rises in the east, its slow creep drifting up above those mountains, out beyond our grasp from this city.
Feet walking, dancing to tunes wafting on the same air as the fresh warm food, cooking inside while passing another history rich hotel.
Out here beneath these street light sentinels, as each they burst into life, all the while day casts its last moments of blue and indigo.
Then, there she was, Eve had arrived, slow moving with all her splendour, terracing down along each street, wide traditional boulevards bathed in night’s once again fresh journey… Tell me, where do you walk this fine Eve when it arrives for you?

Write away...

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