Wandering our mountain


Wandering our mountain

Caught out on a mountain road, some say this weather has turned sour
As Spring rains they came down, you won’t make up there now today
While people made their way back down, to where the flat country dwells
We just continued on our way, our feet on pea gravel road, sometimes rolling
A little backwards, still always going forward with wind and rain upon our faces
Music in our words as we sing to younger times, and a history that sometimes moves so
Quick, quick, slow, to when it’s Spring time on this mountain of our half forgotten youth
What maters though is now, be our stories we’re still writing and these present days we here walk
These ones we still run and play and laugh, far up above a distant flat country so far below
Inside words and tales as they fall between all the odds and evens, like mountain time on a rainy day
Each relating to one another, each helping one another up when we fall, remembering where, when all the lost art and time, it fell between our whispers in this soft Spring rain today, up here on our mountain.

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