Jason Silva posed the question on a particular article back on August 6 on his Facebook page about the following article


In some respects the article seems to play on a touch of satire in terms of communication overload on what’s available to modern messaging (communication access overload) and the possibility of an over simplified solution (a single desk communication solution).

Telephone – voice
Telegraph – text
Telex – text
Wirephoto – images and photographs
Shortwave Radio – voice and image


facsimile – image

Open Id

Communication Bus/es / Pubs

User control rather than corporate control communication choices/options – User communication Wrappers (users can swap in and out apps at will rather than being tied to individual app corporate entity IDs) with open id cross app translators/interrupters with a flexible tether/untether interactive participation across different apps that does not require you to have the other person’s app. Why should communication be resolved by a vanilla solution via monopoly. One would possible negotiate a stagnating to the development in better forms communication and change participation.


Commercial Brewer, Pubs – only one Commercial beer available.

Boutique and Commercial Brewers, Pubs – Boutique Beers and Commercial beers available

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