My Rockhampton

My Rockhampton at sunrise

Last year, 2015 was a slow year for me, it meandered on with little direction and felt some what a little lost inside it at times. This year, 2016, it’s different. In a way, Rockhampton, a place one might regard as a provincial or regional city is changing, it’s been looking for a little light while coming out of the end the latest great Australian mining boom. Which now seems to be in rapid decline with a strong case for sustainability across many sectors on the rise as a better way to approach the region’s ongoing development. With that all said, I’m not going to bore you with all the ins and outs relating to the business world here, but rather take a look at where Rockhampton’s lifestyle and the arts is creating some fantastic weather in the community.

One of the first places to stop of at in the online world here in the region is, My Rockhampton a location to find out about all the upcoming events, activities, places to go and things to see. The first event this year I’m set to lend a hand with via some photography is the Secret Sundays – Sunshine & Lollipops on February 21. Which had been postponed from the 7th due to weather.

But before that on February 20 there’s the local botanical gardens open day event, Celebrate our Botanic Gardens, not going to miss that, given it is less than half a mile’s walk to get there for fun day.

Celebrate our Botanic Gardens

While also a few miles in the other direction there’s the Handmade Expo Rockhampton.

Handmade Expo

Coming up in March, I’m set to be involved in two exhibitions, the first being Double Exposure, a joint collaborative exhibition between the Rockhampton Photography Club and the Capricornia Printmakers Inc. The artworks can only be described as being a collection of fresh and diverse interpretations for the region on the double exposure theme.

Double Exposure Exhibition

While the second, happening around the same period in the RAW Exhibition. An Exhibition of all new works in various art forms.

RAW Exhibition

For the Double Exposure Exhibition, I’ve brought together a world spatially compressed between the lanes of Rockhampton and the coast of Keppel Bay on Queensland’s, Coral Sea Coast in the 1930s era of rail travel and holidaying in the region. While the printmaker I’ve been collaborating with, Peta Lloyd has taken my initial photographic development of our project to a whole other world. But her work is all hush, hush. Here’s a look at what I’ve developed for the exhibition.


For the RAW Exhibition, I’m collaborating with three of the printmakers from Capricornia Printmakers Inc. Clare Ford, Michelle Black and Peta Lloyd. Currently, I’ve been working on these as my options, I’ll only be making use of three out of the four in the final collaborative piece.

RAW options

This all makes February and March a fun couple of Months ahead in my Rockhampton. There are other things I’m up to also, but they’re all hush, hush at the moment until planning is complete.

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