A paper boat (100 poems)

Paper boats

A paper boat

Making for life on a paper boat,
Make a few folds and you’re set to float,
Around the world and the seven seas,
Stopping for awhile, rest with the trees.

I don’t need anything more than a paper boat,
To take me places, with a little bit of rope,
As I sail away on a new waking dream,
The world is looking fresh and I’m feeling keen.

Oh to sail away in a paper boat,
I don’t need no land, or a water mote,
Maybe an anchor, and a little food to go,
I’m going to sail away as this river flows.

Making downstream in a paper boat,
Through all the reaches without our coats,
To see the open sea, off to places free,
Somewhere beyond a once lost breeze.

Let’s kiss the wide horizon in a paper boat,
For we’ll not sink, but out there keep afloat,
With paper sails and a long paper deck,
We can brave the storms, and never wreck,

Here’s to a world of love, on one last paper boat…
In a big old world, happy here to keep afloat.

11 responses to “A paper boat (100 poems)

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  2. Its a lovely poem…
    I wrote a poem way back in 1961 in my prime
    on the sea in the boat
    merrily I float
    In the net I newly bought
    catching the fish in lot,
    for, the setting sun is not so hot.
    The dew has failed to fall
    fearing the fiery red Ball
    many a fish I caught
    in the net I newly bought

    • Is not a poet always in their prime, in their past and in the moment while the future charts, plots its course.

      Thanks, Noel. 1961, your poem makes the day feel fresh still, a time of living strong. Out where cool changes come and go, the sun, sky, stars and water write their, our story within the weather we navigate and tender to be alive.

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