Dreamy rainy night (100 poems)

Rain on a dark night

Rain on a dark night.


Dreamy rainy night-

On a dark wind rain night,

Her dark curls against her face,

The spring tide is high,

Dreaming of her homelands,

Dreaming of the night sky,

Let’s get far out of this city,

Go to the coast on this weathered night,

I’ll show you the land of my people,

A country so far from this land,

For these are the times,

When the rain, reminds me of home,

She says,

With the wind in her face,

And the rain through her thick dark hair,

Follow with me,

No walk by my side,

Lets run in this dark,

To the cover of the truck,

For the spring tide is calling,

And the rain may not last,

on this night of lost dreams,

Lives the world of my peoples’ past,

Oh let me tell you the stories,

Till we touch our wind swept coast at last,

Where the once gloomy day,

Meets the dreamy dark rain filled night,

Up on our headland,

So far from the lights’ sight,

To catch the fresh sea spray,

Sent by night from my home,

Oh dreamy rainy night, please don’t let go.

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