100 Poems Project – Just a walk & Slow

As it rains here on this day in 2016, I’m left thinking about all the different places I’ve seen outside in the natural world, outside this roof and these four walls.

Something I have found creeping into the “100 Poems Project” is aspects to grasses, local wild, native, or indigenous grasses, and that the grass is usually tall. It may have a little to do with falling down a deep well in tall speargrass, and then climbing out under my own stream, with a little help from a ladder. But yeah, tall grasses are something I like about the places I get to work, and also where I grew up out bush. Here are two poems this post, “Just a walk” & “Slow”, enjoy.

Grass blur

Just a walk.

Just now yesterday, stepped out of the sea,

Passing now down through the streets away.

Into open forests, waters running slow and fast,

As people smile while resting in the grass.


What makes for shadow moments,

Where time has no place, no torment.

Within fresh faces new stories grow,

Even as the sun soon bears low.


The night skies and their travels,

As pebbles in a riverbed, the gravel.

Lights the path each night,

Back to home next till the bright.




Too slow to write, but not slow to think,

maybe I should just not have blinked.

For at the speed of light my thoughts do run,

in the wild tall grasses where there’s not the gun.


Though I sit here now as the sun first rises,

looking out into the green, not up for prizes.

Such fun to be writing words these days,

in a shrinking world sometimes so full of haze.


The laughter, the smiles,

all the emotions that run for miles.

The tales to tell, and words to share,

what other dares, that now might compare.


But for the excitement of running through the minds tall grasses,

for long now come the days, where nights once long now quickly passes.

To drift upon the changing seasons, like the words fun not reasons,

To play a game of words, I’ll have to think a little faster, to break clean from the tired mind here caught in plaster..

7 responses to “100 Poems Project – Just a walk & Slow

  1. Sean this reminds me of an old memory of mine that I did actually write down and still have somewhere in all my “writings”.
    Before I moved to B’water we lived on acreage in Brisbane. There was a big hill beside our house and one early winters morning I spent hours darting around in the tall grass, rolling down the hill through it and just playing for hours. I used to love crawling through it and popping up to see where I had ended up…
    Thanks for reminding me again of a pretty cool memory!

  2. Cheers, Kim. So what are you going to do with all your writings?

    I only had to walk around a hundred metres, and would disappear into the bush. Swamps, creeks, and narrow tracks, a fun world. It all looks a little different now, but still good.

    • All good, I am liking your use of audio for your poems. Something I tend to do once I have heard how someone reads their own poetry, and how their voice sounds, I’ll then use their voice in my head to work out the inflections in their poetry writing when no audio is available. Does that make sense? Thanks for the follow too! Have a good weekend when it rolls around over your way, cheers

    • Have seen place here where drought and over stocking have left the soil bare for years and exposed to erosion. When ever I think of tall grass, ‘Secondhand News’ always comes to mind. But yes grass is wonderful, all kinds, here the changes from browns and golds to lush greens of many shades is spectacular after rain.

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