Nomadic freedoms live on Project – All I see, hear, and feel, all I know

Something I need to get back to, writing poems in random places and leaving them behind for whoever to find.

Part of the “Nomadic freedoms live on Project”, this is the second poem that was written, copied (Will be photographing these in future.) and the original left, all done in a random public location. Not sure what my intention is with this project at the moment, maybe the originals are now both in a bin somewhere. But who knows, they’re transient words on their own journey, as I continue on mine. Here’s the second poem for the project below.

Floded river

All I see, hear, and feel, all I know

All I see, your smiling face passing through my mind,

Like a night dreams, deeper than the moon’s reflection,

On the water of our great and tidal ocean,

As your long black curls rest upon your soft face,


All I hear, your voice across the storm swept waters,

Telling the stories of the voyages long since past,

Where as travellers, we part us from this company,

As your words they linger free, adrift like thoughts,


All I feel, your warm breath across my shoulder,

Playing in the twisting breeze, in dance and rhythm,

In a sleepy shallow bed of wind swept reeds of the coast,

As your hands let go, as lost embraces fade in the dim light,


All I know, you’re so faraway from this little lost place,

There far out across the never-ending waters, so free,

The companion and a guide, in journeys lost and told,

As the holder of such stories, sweet be the colour of your days..

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