Writing, this blog, and what was I thinking.

a river basin

Three years on and I am in a bit of a diversification kind of mood, though the below is where so much started.

I don’t think of myself as a writer, poet, or much of a story teller, but I do like to entertain myself, with writing poetry, short stories, and perhaps a few other things. Until two, three years ago writing in any sort of creative format was further from my mind than most things, apart from writing in relation to university study. I suppose some of that has been creative, animation scripts, a little feature writing, multimedia projects, the occasional website, scripting in flash and director (okay, those are scripting), and the like. There was even the thought of starting a novel back in 2007, but before that, nothing till back in the dark-ages of school in the 80’s.

There have been a few phases since then, jobs, dreams, and life, well that’s where a lot of story ideas come from these days, that and the people I’ve met over the years, places I’ve been, different happenings. Way back I even almost became a nurse, a bit of a family thing through the generations. I was all set to start my learning and studies to become a nurse through the Princess Alexandra Hospital in Brisbane, it was way back in 89, but different paths came up and I ended up in a different direction.

I sometimes think, where would I be if I had gone the direction of nursing… These days I think I would of been off doing something with Médecins Sans Frontières, or Remote Area Nursing, something away from the urban environment. Just like working for a surveying organisation, takes me out of cities and towns and into rural and remote areas. But the two directions are poles apart, and both as far from writing as you can get. So what got me writing?

Three years ago a friend from here on the Capricorn Coast, got involved in something call Short + Sweet, a 10 minute play festival, where all the plays are 10 minutes or under. Went a long and watched, it was entertaining and fun, by this time I was already scratching down poems, not anything interesting, and probably still not interesting.

So I staggered around trying to find out more about Short + Sweet, needless to say still trying to write poems, just to entertain myself, and occasionally post on my Facebook Wall. During the process I stumbled across a Kate Toon, initially I thought Kate may of had something to do with animation (not to be), but it was her 10 minute plays I kept running into, and it turned out she had a Facebook page too. So I hit the like button thinking, oh yeah, plays. I have never thought of even how to write one of those, this all still while scribbling poems out when time permits. At some point, poems by Kate started decorating her wall, and all the while training for and running a marathon. Not sure how she did it, but I traded a few poems on her wall on occasions at the time. Kate even wrote a poetry anthology too, Gone Dotty. But I had still not gone much beyond toying with poetry.

In May this year, I met someone whom travels around the globe and Australia (a lot) living an alternative lifestyle, to go to festivals and do some serious rock climbing. The conversations were as wide as they were deep, and so varied that a number of  poems, and three short stories to date have developed. Yes short stories, I don’t think I have written any of those since I was 12 years old (yes, I don’t think I saw high school as a creative time).

The above saw the start of The Adventures of Jack and Megan, and now a spin off set of stories under the working title acronym of MFR. Also parts of the Forrester’s Water project developed from aspects of different conversation. But still writing has been to entertain me alone, at least till I ummed and arred and I must of mentioned it to Kate Toon somewhere along the line. So then after receiving some encouragement from Kate and other followers on her writing wall, I recycled this blog, Sean Bidd. Originally the blog was used for a university course on Enterprise Systems, systems came be fun to talk about sometimes, maybe not in creative ways, or can they?

Also started a Facebook Page, Sean Bidd, so that’s the writing to date. Have been reading a few other blogs too lately, here are just a few.

Some deal with research, writing, and copy writing…

Practical Copywriting Tips

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4 responses to “Writing, this blog, and what was I thinking.

  1. Well, I’m certainly glad you revived this blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading your words. They’ve taken me to your world of dusty roads and meandering rivers.

  2. The most distinctive description I find for your poetry is ‘melodic’, time and time again.
    I hope wherever the roads lead you, the journey is worthwhile!

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