Forrester’s Water Project – The Last Ravine


A story that has since 2012 become a part of ‘Beneath a Weathered Sky’, a small book of short stories. While also remaining connected to the other written formats about a series of incidents at the same location.

The snippet below is part of the “Forrester’s Water Project” from the short story, “The Last Ravine”. The project comprises an extended poem “Forrester’s Bend”, the short story “The Last Ravine”, and the play titled “The lost story of Kate Marla”

From “The Last Ravine”.

The flashes of headlights, as a series of air-horns blasts break the silence of the still night air.


“Ash! Wake up!” yells Annette to her husband of fourteen years. As Ash shakes his head, they narrowly miss a head-on collision, swerving to the side of the road into some loose gravel as they come to a stop. The smell of rubber sent molten by the long-haul road train that locked up its brakes fills the air, Ash and Annette’s four-wheel at rest in a cloud of dust and black smoke.


“I think we should stop for a break. We’re on holidays – can we get there in one piece?” voices Annette in a broken voice. “At least a few hours rest,” as she turns to check on their three kids in the back seat. “You’re in luck, they’re all still asleep. We have plenty of time, Ash; we can make the campsite in the morning.”


While sitting there almost arguing what to do, trying not to wake their kids, a knock on the driver’s side window startles them both.

6 responses to “Forrester’s Water Project – The Last Ravine

  1. Sean …there is a note when I try to link to your wordpress that says your domain is about to be cancelled …I hope you can fix this with them because I miss being able to read your amazing blog …love , megxxx

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    • Show me the wind, show me the rain. A knock on an open doorway, a world’s met with sounds again. Dancing and laughter, conversations and wine. To head out on a walk, in falling summer rain, In a wind’s drift across sands, to find forgotten shores. To listen to nature’s music, to dance a little more.

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