100 Poems Project – Walking the night

It’s been a few years now since Walter’s Lounge became a showcase for local artist, writers and musicians, etc. I kind of miss it a little here as 2016 approaches…

I was thinking whether or not to go to Walter’s Lounge (an afternoon of arts and entertainment) this afternoon or not. So I went, listened to three music artists, some poets, a book launch (I think) and checked out some art on display/sale. One of the poets, and one of the musicians, expressed in poem or song, a little of their urban experiences in big cities. Below is a twenty minute think about one of my early experiences from when I first moved to Brisbane for a period of time. Too long ago now..












Walking the night

It’s 2am, and the kitchen’s long closed,

The work is now done for the night,

Security is just here locking up,

On this drissly hot summer night,


Time starts to escape fast,

As I’ve just missed one last ride,

Trains and buses have knocked off,

A taxi’s too rich to even try,


So walking is what’s left on my mind,

Heading home to Annerley from the Mansions,

Starting out off the terrace at an easy pace,

In search of some sleep come daylight,


As I pass along under the street lights,

The light mist it runs through my hair,

Slow with each step on the warm asphalt.

The humid vapour, it lifts to the air,


Here heading now past Roma Street,

The occasional long haul coach passes by,

Wandering on down through the city,

The Tribal theatre closed and all quiet,


I’m still here on my journey along George Street,

As the Victoria Bridge lights come into sight,

Darting out from each overhead awning,

In between the night rain of the dark sky,


At last I’ve made it here to the river,

My clothes thoroughly soaked to the bone,

While passing by the Westend fringes,

Through South Brisbane into the dark night all alone,


The chills, they are starting to get me,

While the stillness in Woolloongabba, slows time,

But Ipswich road breaths life in me,

Even if now mostly quiet for the night,


Soon the PA fills a space in the distance,

A place I was once all set to start work,

Not all that long ago, seems another time,

Passing by it’s like a small city, like daylight here in the night,


Two hours on and I’m in Annerley,

Feeling tired, I fumble in the moment tonight’s rest,

Just through a carpark and up a small hill,

A warm shower and close my eyes, say goodnight…

7 responses to “100 Poems Project – Walking the night

    • I can still remember these nights, walking home, all public transport had stopped, only taxis left. But if I took a taxi home back then, I might as well of not worked in the first place. Walking’s good anyway.

  1. My mind often wanders to those days of utmost survival and wondering how on Earth I made it through. Your writing expresses well the lot of us who struggled and still struggle to survive in a world that seems to kick you when you are down. It is only my faith that has carried me through it all. I am glad to meet you sir and will enjoy more of your writings.

    • Glad to meet you too, Tina. So many places with stories in ones heart travelled. The new ones, well the choices, here’s to some interesting ones. Thank you…

    • It used to work out at about four and a half miles each night to get home. Where were your sleeping streets, mine were in Brisbane, from top end Petrie Terrace in Petrie Terrace to Juliette St in Annerley?

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