The Adventures of Megan and Jack – The path of the rock

Here is a part to one of the earliest short stories written by Sean Bidd back in May of 2012. “The Adventures of Megan and Jack Project” was once only going to be a single standalone short story, but they have since joined up with crew of the C130 Medical First Response Team, lead by some amazing characters which form the basis of Sean Bidd’s second novel, Broken Light currently in works and due for release in early 2017 on the back of his first novel Splintered Lands due for release in late 2016. So here’s Sean Bidd’s first original post from November 2012. Enjoy!

ValleysFrom “The Adventures of Megan and Jack Project”, a small snippet from a short story written back May, where the main characters are rock climbers, a scientist, and a surveyor, on remote location in South America. The short story is complete, and comes with two endings as it has been the first written in the series. So far three stories have been worked on for the project, and are quick and punchy in nature, dripping with action and dialogue. The intention of complete 12 stories in total for the project.

From “The path of the rock”

Rushing down the rocky path, Megan opts for a shortcut to the camp, more falling than running as she bounces off boulders and trees to stay on her feet along the old narrow path.

Sonya, not far behind with the first aid pack, yells, “Wait up. Megan!”

The call fails to slow Megan. Adrenaline coursing through her, she plummets down the old path even faster. Sonya finds she has to revert to the main track, as the pack becomes too much to handle on the narrow path Megan has chosen.

2 responses to “The Adventures of Megan and Jack – The path of the rock

    • Shedding some of it from time to time, will on most occasions make the weight and awkwardness, bearable. Not sure if you’ve found the whole unedited first draft version to this section, but it is a bit harsh towards the end. Written at a time when a rock climbing friend that lives in two worlds needed to continue her global travels, off to live new stories. There was a second tale, one night in Mexico, but I’ve never posted that full section, as it did not mesh, so I then went off to write MFR. So it maybe ready to be revisited. Sort of thinking out loud at the moment.

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