The latest scratchings from the Splintered Lands Project.

Plural suns, twins

What if…

Back in 2012 the Splintered Lands Project was one of the two novel projects started. This snippet is a little ways into the story, but holds a little of the history to the Splintered Lands. Enjoy!

(Here is a story within a story, still needs more work to find more of a story flow, than just explanation)

As the evening discussion breaks for the night, a group of youth from the various regions approach Sam Nakina. “Sister Nakina, can you tell us a story before you turn in for the night? One of the Huon elders told us that you are a keeper of stories. Please tell us a story?” asks a brash young man in the front of the group.

“I think there’s time to share a story before sleep, everyone gather round.” As they all sit down on the sand of the dune, a small voice from the back speaks up.

“Sister Nakina, can you tell us the story of the suns? We heard some elders mention it, but they said they could not tell us, for that is the right of a keeper.”

“If you come to the front for me please, I will for almost certain, tell of the story of the suns that will rise by night’s end.” One of the older girls in the group helps the young lad to the front, as some of the older boys grumble a little at the attention being given an orphan boy from the Upper Andes Region.

“He is just an orphan, sister, and a little shy. Not sure why the older boys don’t get along with him too well.”

“That’s okay, I think the young men in front wanted to hear a more adventurous tale, but there will be time for that in the coming days,” says Sam, looking with a smile at the two not so happy male youth in the front.

“Everyone settled, okay. Back in a time long before now, the lands of the world were vastly different to now, much larger, and covered by places known as cities, and towns. These places, where many, many people lived, were made of what was known as concrete, steel, and other materials, along with dead wood from trees.

Many of the lands had become desolate, as much of what the cities were made of came from under the surface of ground, which meant in many places where living plants, animals and their habitats existed, they were torn away. With what land was left then being over cultivated or stocked with millions of domesticated grazing animals, but this did not bring about our two suns. Nor did it bring about the destruction of their once called by their elders, grand civilisation, with the levelling of their towns’, cities, and also what they called at the time, their industrial might.

For once, the two suns were as one, brother and sister, together, but a thirst existed in the peoples’ minds, a hunger for what they called solar energy, energy from a sun. Just like the food we eat is energy from the sun, so the elders of these past lands sought to use the sun energy in other ways. Soon greed crept into their minds, the thirst for more sun energy, so these now ancient elders, devised a way to cleave a sun in two, while seeking to harvest the energy and place a tax on their peoples’ for its use.

As they set about to break a sun, the sky caught fire, the ground trembled and began to break apart. Vast rifts shattered around our planet, like a coconut being smashed. Lands once deep below our seas rose up, others vanished beneath our deep blue waters, and new lands formed from the molten rock deep below.

The civilisation of our ancestors now crushed, the cataclysmic events slowly recede as the lands of world we exist within today begin to regenerate. The sparsely populated pockets of people from this ancient time, came to survive, returning to an old and more ancient way of thinking, that of living with the land and other environments. Not that of ownership or possession of land, sea, or air, but that of co-reliance in a new world awaken from a sleep; we are descended from these people.

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