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My #BeReal guest today is Briton Underwood.

I have a deep like and respect for my guest today.  I’ve watched as his writing found its groove growing edgier and more powerful.  His writing is good.  Really, really good.  But it’s how he defends his friends, lifts them up, and helps them succeed I love the most.

Please welcome one of the good guys.


Be real.

I went to write a #BeReal post and found it harder than anything I have written. It is much easier for me to write about the past, or my kids, or my fleeting thoughts. Not me though, stories and moments that sculpted me.

I can write about emotions, flowing fiercely and uncontrollable through me, changing direction or dissipating, as quickly as they occur.

I am a sad, soulful, song; listened to on a rainy day. 

I, like many others, choose to show the world to view…

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