Two Hands Two Feet


Two Hands Two Feet

It started with a tickle

A slight wisp of a breeze

At a place near to dawn

Where leaves in short trees

Begin to quiver at its gentle touch

In the swirl to a sky’s waking breath

As with each moment dancing across

Morning’s soul and Earth’s heart

Her mind begins to stir their embers

To what passed for last evening’s

Day’s honey end and night’s inky blue

Here her rested bones, legs bend

To lower her centre to gravity’s edge

By a mountain stream on its fast race

In one motion, her two hands draw

Water up to her face, cool, chilled

Water. waking her to a new day

As it runs down her face from

Cupped hands, back to its journey

A journey of mountain miles

To wind back on itself, perhaps

A hundred times or more

Her eyes observe its departure

As she draws again, water for her thirst

To then stand as the growing gusts

Swirl among her thoughts to break

To depart in the company of nature

Under the steam to her own two feet.

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