Stars and mountain tops

Night of stars

Stars and mountain tops

Show me your pictures

Those deep inside your mind

The ones you keep a hold of

Those ones of stars and cities and mountain tops

Where rivers run and rush to find

Their short long ways out to a sea

Give a hint, a chance to guess

All the names to people’s faces

The ones that hold your heart

Each the ones that pass you by

Too, those ones which write upon your soul

Their indelible ink, their weather beaten tattoos

Oh, do share the longest of tales

Those ones you haven’t written yet

The ones that light up your face as you remember them

In every way, how it all went down

To then rise and fall, and rise again

It’s that sense, feeling, that touch

When your soul deep inside, becomes tactile

As it broadcasts about every crevasse

Those ones, those open minds all around the world

Like they say, some Sunsets, they never fade.

Write away...

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