Black Creek

Three pennies in the water at Black Creek
Like dreams on a nightmare’s windowsill
Passing through descents, their canyons as

Wrapping fingers grasp at rock rushing past
Where a morning fog settles in to its bed
A journey now but only halfway traveled

Down amongst evergreen painted Grasstrees
And those black trunks to Mountain Ironbarks
As a fresh breeze whistles its deception

To a storm rolling across the razorbacks
For who’ll make it first to the grasslands
A place to beyond these steep sided mountains.


Changing landscapes

8 responses to “Black Creek

    • Thanks, it’s a place here, caught between two mountain ranges and riddled with a scattering of towering remains to what were once volcanoes, where the weather has its own mind at times. Perhaps one day, I’ll get to pass through the Texas Panhandle and Palo Duro Canyon at some point, with having family in Texas. Palo Duro Canyon looks to a spectacular place and land formation.

      • No wonder then that the picture reminds me of the Canyon (minus all that grass though). How cool that you have family in Texas. Palo Duro is lovely. There are small caves you can hike through and see a few bats. What never ceases to amaze me is how suddenly the surrounding land drops off into the canyon. It isn’t really gradual. I always visit the Canyon when I can. I have family in Amarillo.

      • They’ll be down here for a visit in a couple of months. No canyon or big drop off here though, but it does behave as a natural funnel to a watershed that is wide in the north and narrow in the south and sees more rain fall than surrounding areas. There are limestone caves not far from here too, along with a rare small species of bat. Family are from down San Antonio way.

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