When it’s cold

Winter Shoreline

When it’s cold

You know when it’s cold

When that Winter South Wind blows

And you’re all alone sitting

Out on the seashore’s frontal dune

An old friend taps you on the shoulder

I thought I was the only one who remembers

The days here in Winter, slow walks at low tide

Warmth beneath a midday sun, to feel it dwindle

As once small shadows, stretch out their fingers

Towards a fast approaching oceanic evening

While the drying sand whips up a frenzy

To dance from what seems to be cape to point

Is it too cold to light, set a fire once more from driftwood

Perhaps, but who knows, today’s today, and tomorrow

Well, it Will dance to its own set of tunes for a new sunrise.

4 responses to “When it’s cold

    • Perhaps, cold fronts down here have been snapping their heels together a little further north than is usual. It’s like they all want to party at the same house.

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