Sunshine on a Winter’s day


Sunshine on a Winter’s day

I just want to walk away
Into the sunshine
I want to feel its warmth
On my face all the time

I just want to have the earth
Under foot as I climb
Higher up
Higher up

Into these mountains to find
Just where the water falls
The water falls
Out of the blue sky so high

In a short run these winter shadows
Until the Sunshine it falls again
Time to wander back down the mountain
This old gravel road has taken some skin

But for sure Summer’s again
Only just up around the next bend.

5 responses to “Sunshine on a Winter’s day

  1. It’s so cold and grey down here today. I can relate your longing for summer and love the idea that it’s just around the bend.

    • The nights are warm here when the grey is around. It’s that clear crisp blue which blackens at night that gets the temperature down here. Although it was a consistent rain here that kept it chilled.

      • Finally we get a sunny day down here. Yay. I agree though – the do make for freezing nights.

  2. Although I am really not a summer fun, I have been entertaining my mind with your poem a lot, because it sounds just like some tune, that I am sure if you played it + sang it, would make me like summer a little bit more, or at least hum to it 🙂

    • Cheers, Oloriel! It’s been a little colder here in this South Land than usual. Snow in some places that have not seen it in a decade or two. So more about Winter Sun than Summer. Used Summer to express, it will get warmer again and so will probably be chasing shadows next to stay cool. Yes, I wrote it to its own humming tune.

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