Big River Draw and The Palette Place

Why I had not done any writing and where I was last week, plus all the walking there and back… It was a fantastic week, volunteering to install Big River Draw, an art installation for the Rockhampton River Festival.

Saltwater Crocodile

Big River Draw and The Palette Palace

Started on a Monday, walked on down the hill
Joined some volunteers sometime before noon
We played with stencils and plaster
We coloured our hands in pigment too
For two days we laid mudflats and river
We put down mangroves and their pods
Even Sandpipers and Water Lillis
That river path it began to sing
In colours it had never seen
Dance cheek to cheek with its
Bland tans and reds which have
Faded with time and floods.

Green Tree Frog

Wednesday it rolled around
Three artists, these ladies
Behind the stencils, their
Intricate cuts, their art
Stepped up to the mark
They turned the gears up a notch
Taking it in their hands, mixing
It up and laying it down
Colour and plaster, chalk when hard
As more river and mudflats, swept up
Accesses, North and South, with Hands
And returning Boomerangs, More Sandpipers
Barramundi, Sooty Grunter and more.

Meeting Place

In an afternoon of cooling air
A few hands were need to lay
Foundations for the Palette Palace
An Open air theatre and soon to be
A popular rest spot to overlook markets
For weary travellers at the crossroads
And for River Dreams, its light and animation
To this the Rockhampton River Festival
Perhaps on completion; three palettes wide
Nine palettes long, by six palettes high
Rose it up from in an empty carpark.

River Art

Thursday came into focus as more plaster
Filled Big River Draw, Goannas, Crocodiles
Kookaburras, Jellyfish and a whole lot more
Then came the meeting place for gatherings
We all stand on sacred ground in this place
These the ancient lands of the Darumbal Peoples
The Green Tree Frog, Budaroo, their peoples totem
Keeps watch and greets all who pass this way
From the North, and from the South, along the paths
And through the Water Lilies to draw and enhance
That which is a part of the art installation, Big River Draw.

River Art

Friday! Hey it’s the last day, 4pm is a handful of hours away
And the plaster and stencils are flying from one spot to the next
Freehand Returning Boomerangs and Hands are colouring the accesses
More stenciled Kookaburras and Goannas. Oh! And yesterday, almost forgot
A Hopscotch River Turtle and Snubnose Dolphins brightened this world
This Big River Draw, all for the Friday 4pm start of
The Rockhampton River Festival, What a week, What a weekend?

River Art

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