Words that weep

Grass blur

Words that weep

Stranger with a name tattooed across her back
Words that weep slow a molten blood red wax
From just beneath her left blade on past her hip
All the way down to her bare left foot’s skip

As her soul wanders between both creek and field
Far from any village about beneath a blue sky’s peel
Nor sum of people upon early Summer’s short sweet grass
Where blows no leaves, so perhaps today a Sun will last

Awake from night, Summer’s blue kisses cold at 6am
While morning birds raise each their voices in song
As each takes their turn to dance before her eyes
One or two to land, skip upon her out reached hands

Never could her ears grow weary, listening to their songs
As they mingle with the Sun’s warmth to light her day
Out here watching her children race about and play
In her rural world, far from all those artificial places

To feel last night’s northern frost crack and melt beneath
Each of her feet in meandering steps amongst those
Half dozen small eyes that look back and up, that love her
While she slows her pace, points out to them all that is alive

Sharing with them names to each creature, each plant
Along with their importance, their incredible worth to being
Under a north’s solar sun or a night’s sky, their reason to be
Companions in shared places, like land, air, rivers and seas.

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