Glenroy Crossing

Glenroy Crossing

Glenroy Crossing

Waiting here at Glenroy Crossing

As three road-trains rattle on through

All while sitting on the causeway’s kerb

Time has no place amongst these words.

Slow a bitter wind wakes up to rise, to shout aloud

Sweeping cold past her face, without a sideways glance

Nothing left to do but walk, from one side to another

Beneath these stark grey clouds, ones that lack her lover.

In this no rain, just cold in a silent moment

Sitting on her dirtbike, eyes scanning for why

One last time, one last look not to find

A voice last heard, but three days ago.








2 responses to “Glenroy Crossing

    • Yes, in some places they can be hauling three to four double decks, tricky to pass on gravel roads with the sway the last trailer picks up.

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