Womb of earth – West Kennet, Avebury

Another traveler to places upon, above and beneath the ground.

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Avebury SE weekend 307

We drove down to the next layby and for once, I booted up, knowing that there was a goodly walk ahead of us through the wet landscape. In front of us, Silbury Hill rose from its bed where once a mirrored lake had held its reflection. From here the sheer scale of the man-made mound begins to become apparent, yet it is not until you stand at its feet that you really appreciate the size of the hill. But we were not going there, not yet. The Mountain of the Sun could wait… our path would first lead us beneath the earth.

Avebury SE weekend 298

Once through the gate that separates the fields from the road and there is another shift. With each site, we go deeper; further from constraining time and closer to another mode of being … a purity of purpose, perhaps, that guided the hands of the makers and the…

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