Natural to dance

Hey, you know
At the start of another day
The start of another day
A river dances, a river dances
First a slow sunrise waltz
Wrapping her arm, her fingers
Around these shoulders to a mountain
Moving slow at first, before moving in closer
As she begins to tango, rolling back to back
Turning inside one another, until
Reaching the forest-line, swinging, jitterbug
Jiving at four beats, to explore valleys, dales and dells
Racing with in each their heartbeats, stampeding
Cascading down approaching fall into salsas and sambas
Up and over foothills to the wide, broad plain
At a foxtrot, meandering through each widening bend
And reach, in a Viennese waltz, slowing, slowing
Out towards the spreading, sprawling, waiting delta
And its islands, passing, building on and out unto a sea
Where crashing waves of emotion, salt and water in
Constant motion Spilling across her, a river as fresh from sunrise
To now sunset arriving, here out beneath a summer’s lit bangled
Banner of stars, to wait, to wait before a dark new moon
And one last slow dance for an evening about to wake
Before turning up the beat to freestyle the night away…

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