Photographic art print experiment

I’ve been busy the last week and a half with this A2 size double sided experiment, teaching myself from some online tutorials. Here is the colour side, on the other side is the black and white equivalent.

Acrylic gel medium photographic art print experiment, turned out a little patch, but the weather beaten vintage look is in right (I need to use a better coating process and an additional layer of two).


Abandoned and Firebreaker (on plywood)

4 responses to “Photographic art print experiment

    • I’ve just finished applying a couple of layers of soft wax over the last couple of days, to the surface. I’d been expecting the process to have a greater fail rate on a first attempt, it’s turned out okay.

    • Cheers, Julie. Used a little wood stain that had been long forgotten about, and just finished off with some soft wax over the last couple of days. Going to try something with glass of sheet metal next.

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