Wild Atlantic Way

Sunset Towers

Wild Atlantic Way

Out resting silent amongst these rocks

Along this winding wild Atlantic way

Heading North, way up above The Cove

Making for her old Bloody Headland

While mountain sunrise music fills my bones

Here now a slowed pause is worth a wait

As unkempt water’s tonnage breaks day’s hour

Rolling up my swag, packing home upon my back

A quick breakfast in night’s fading hour, heading

North again along no road, but west coast’s way

With both many miles ahead and lingering stops

Out here alone, wandering for days up above, along

This slow winding old and unforgotten, wild Atlantic way.

10 responses to “Wild Atlantic Way

  1. I love this one – the wild and lonely rambling along some half forgotten, half mythic road – it sweeps me away.

  2. I love the line about morning music filling your bones and the one following it about it being worthy of pausing. A lovey poem. I feel like I’ve journeyed along the Wild Atlantic Way, having never stepped foot on its path.

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