In Fractions and Moments


In Fractions and Moments

Decisions change ways, at times how a sun rise

When they come peddling around blind bends

Panhandling to their own lost, running world

In fractions and moments, velocity’s collisions

Painting black and blue without choice a day

Knocked down, feet out from under one

Standing back up, holding back each pain

To have a presence to wait a fraction, a moment

Here stand, sit down, find a kerb, pause, wait

Still here after the fractions and the moments

Still here…

Found out last night one of my younger brothers had a head on with another cyclist in Spain. He’s okay, but is awaiting surgery for a fractured cheek and eye socket (zygoma fracture), he’s is doing well..

6 responses to “In Fractions and Moments

  1. A fraction of a second. Sometimes we need to heed that voice that tells us to hold still. Good to hear that your brother only sustained relatively minor injuries.

    • Yes, the other rider was reckless at speed and course with his in attention to rounding the bend. He owned up to being responsible after the collision. My brother still has a couple of metal plates to be screwed into place, and is expected to happen sometime this week. Thanks, Julie

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