Every week since year now passed

A week which is no longer real

Finds one contemplating cost

Cost to another, or many perhaps

Maybe asked not enough questions

For answers to fill in all these

Static spaces which gather like

Dark air before a night turned storm

Perhaps it gets one thinking in time

A decade ago, the lone lover (no, friend) who whispered

Come with me to the coast, now, tonight

Inside the silence of this small city bar

An Aotearoa country girl who loves

Her wild, wide open spaces to roam for miles

And talk, listen, all year long without

Even a touch or a single one look kiss, (a friend)

Not even a hug after that October 30 foot drop

Then late November, breaking December

A lone question from her, follow me, come with me

East towards a rising sun and to wait out the night

Out beneath a place, where storm tides wake

By a sea to forget every week since year now passed.

(Value friendship, a conversation)

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