Beyond snow covered ground

You walk on snow covered ground where scarecrows stand still

While blizzard winds remove all trace on a path you once trekked

Up through small forested hills to where your mountain home waits

Hooded in a blue woven cloak to mask warmth against a driven storm

Where as crows fly past you while caught lost in this new sorrow

As you in your time grant farewell the weather in one last day’s journey

To be sure you’ll be missed by a vast family and friends now in mourning

A celebration to a life lived helping others in their moments of need

Always there to lend a hand or to share knowledge in conversation

To listen, not judge, and walk the many miles with those a part of you

Painted in the hearts and minds of all those who called you

Friend, Family, Sister… Beyond  snow covered ground.



9 responses to “Beyond snow covered ground

  1. Very beautiful and touching write. I really loved the line about crows flying past towards new sorrows. This poem comes to me at a perhaps ill time, for there has been lots of snow caused deaths at my country very recently, and the poem stirred the overlooked sadness of it.

    • Thank you. So often much is over looked and we miss too often in what finds us busy. This last week I’ve slowed, paused to ink a past, and consider a future.

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