Endurance, a girl carried long by these sand-hills
A wanderer in moments between it’s passing dust storms
In places long ago across nights, every thread taken, lost
From her body over days, out where a singular sun’s drought,
Baked yesterday’s miles of parched earth beneath her feet
While now, her morning approaches out of a desert darkness
Her every essence stretches upward in a fresh flooding blue
Desire, waiting for the sun to reach out without expectations
Nor restraints set upon her soul, as both heart and mind fly
Free with her back to a once forgotten summer’s, Indian Ocean
Endurance, soaks in her approaching fresh world to a new day
Out lasting all that ever attempted, tried, to frame her world.

4 responses to “Endurance

  1. I love this poem. I’m interested to know what definition of endurance your title has, because that can give the poem slightly different interpretations. Maybe not knowing the meaning of endurance makes the poem more interesting.

    • First, it is her name given at birth, and a creed in all it’s colours she has grown to live by, no matter the journey. It is difficult to adopt perhaps just one meaning, but to hope a reader finds their own meaning.

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