What’s inside silent places


What’s inside silent places

It’s the work you see
Working out in the middle of nowhere
Where natural silence is so inviting
To a listener, to someone who can hear

So many conversations all at once
All of them flood the mind, while
Unsure to respond, participate
Each word, line to a conversationalist’s

Expressed thoughts, ideas, moments
Doesn’t escape a listener, one who
Can hear the lightest of rain, falling
Collecting like dew on waking wild grass

Place them in a corner beneath a shrouded ceiling
Between glass and open volumetric space, scented
With good food, good drink, and good company
Laughter and listening, perhaps a listener could

Live on such atmosphere, breathing it in while
He too needs to talk once in awhile, but delights
Much in listening, absorbing the air, thick in conversation
Perhaps he thought; what could he add from the wild places

Or from deep inside where communication writes of soul and
Reigns in storms and squalls about living streams passing to sea
No, a listener will find their voice, their voice in their own time
But yes, the night was well spent, even if he was unsure about

What to share, participate within those many conversations
Perhaps he listens just a little too close, but that’s what the
Silence in remote and distant places does, teaches to listening
To appreciate company and their many changing conversations.


14 responses to “What’s inside silent places

  1. A contemplative mood and setting that is beautifully described in this poem. I also love how you highlight the importance of listening to all around us to find our own voices. Wonderful poem!

    • It was last Friday night, and I was waiting for someone at a cafe’s closing event, where acoustic music filled the air, both in front and out back, and people filled every room, partaking in a cool assortment of meal choices and beverages. While local artists of all kinds sold their wares beneath a mood lit space and a fuzzy full moon out back too. But for the most part, I enjoyed the company of a couple of friends and their friends, and all their wide and varied conversations, even though I was some what retiring towards participating, as I often am within larger groups. Almost non existent in this case, the mind just was not engaged. Thanks, Kate.

  2. This one is a triumph – it describes those strange byways the mind travels when working alone in a silent place beautifully.

    • Cheers, Suzanne. I used it as a way to try and translate why I just did not engage to any detail inside the various conversations, but proffered to mostly only listen on a Friday night.

    • The trick, there is never actual complete silence for the most part, though it was a way for me to examine why I preferred to listen Friday night, rather than participate on a more equal level within the conversations. Thanks, Julie.

  3. maybe you didn’t participate because the varied conversations didn’t interest you as much as the silence within did..

    very well put poem Sean..I am more of a listener I think..so can relate to this..

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