Floods in silence

Written a little late from the future, but here is what it was all about over at Reverie: The Winter of His Discontent.

Floods in silence

No blizzard ever could hold back his thoughts
In a raw escaping world out along Old Landwall Road
Where a blustery tundra wind, saps even those idle
Then, silence, as an ice storm wakes to flood a past

Fierce to a touch, he launches, he runs with all speed to flee
A shattering grass world uninhibited beneath his swift feet
While closing in. silent the big freeze reaches out to kiss him
Threatening existence out on Winter’s climbing road, where companions

Come fierce and raw out of blizzards, like a flood of mountain guides
They pay no heed, uninhibited by a blustery, threatening, silent freeze.


7 responses to “Floods in silence

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    • Thanks, I though about looking for a tale inside the words and imagery, but did not quite get there, so instead made use of the senses. Hope it’s not too cold where you are at the moment.

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