Just Perhaps

Conversations and Duets

Book cover, Just PerhapsA small collection, free to read, review, or not, just tap, click, or whatever it is you do to access the book via the image above. Once there, one will find a selection of collaborative poems with authors from Australia, India, and the United States of America.

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12 responses to “Just Perhaps

    • Thanks, Hasty! I’ve had my head in other lands (my day job is set to change dramatically and I’m not sure following is what I want to do) of late and been missing catching different parts I’ve been meaning to come back to, like here.

    • Sean, Time Travel is one of my all time favorite duets. It pulls me into the love story that it truly is and takes me centuries back. Even though I am part writer and know how it ends, I still hope these two characters will find each other. It makes my heart smile, but it also makes my heart a little sad when I read it because the characters in this story form poem are so desperate to be together. Its very lovely, I’m so glad I had the opportunity to create this beautiful story with you.

      • LaToya, Time Travel became a first for me, writing with another poet. Traveling through time, but never seeming to meet, except where on those occasions time folded just briefly, enough for the traces to escape across two thousand years. Desperate lives to different worlds, perhaps time will pause just enough at each edge to the gap, a place where space ceases to exist, and two moments greet in unison. It had been an incredible experience to watch as the tale to these two lovers braided throughout time, leaving traces for one another, a remembrance, and a hope. Thank you for sharing in telling the story too, Latoya, and your creative heart and soul.

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