Noogoora Burr Days

Long days

Noogoora Burr Days

As a crowed gathered on a windless day,

Noogoora Burr came the call,

Not of these parts, kind of introduced

Resilient in a sheep, cattle, horse,

Trampled paddock of the last century,

An a half, not the way it once was as,

A mighty bare foot launches a stitched naked set,

In leather quarters as if a soft shelled egg,

High into the air, but don’t let it touch the ground,

Or dive for it to only find Noogoora Burr covered ground,

As bare hands never get to be as tough as bare feet, and

Noogoora Burr burns on impact in a churned field,

Will spell end of game for the not so hardy player,

So all played their hardest, jostled and shoved,

Before long, Jimmy, Max, Harry, Jeff L, Bauman W, Nick,

All departed the field, blood streaming from legs, hands, faces,

Shirts in tatters, and soon many others followed,

Until all that remained, HR and Wazza, Markie and Reg,

These four tough hard playing,  stood face to face,

Waiting for play to restart on the Noogoora Burr field,

Five to go came the call and still nil all falls the score,

Each team’s pair, a generation apart, no others better seasoned,

As time churned on in slow motion to where the final few seconds

Accelerated, collisions, twists and catapults, those stitched quarters found themselves,

High in the sun as every man, these last four raced towards…

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