Flesh between bones

Naked dead stands the tree
Naked lies his sister, prostrate
Prostrate on the eroded grass
Prostrate riddled with decay
Decay returning to the earth
Decay an end’s new day
Day past, a climbing sun
Day set, about to splinter
Splinter parting, catching
Splinter rips flesh between bones.

18 responses to “Flesh between bones

    • It does, it does rhyme. They share the sound of U to slant a reader’s voice, which helps to shape poem/song in a kinder way I think than with various direct rhymes,

    • Deep between where ocean floors part their rifts, to take in that salty soul of the sea and bear close within a warmth to her heart, for life leaps to these joys at such moments.

    • Words roll like tongues twisted on gnarled knots to an ancient Bristlecone, drawing moisture from every serif ligature until, only sans remains, its curves subtle and divided in their own nature to find, each their own time and place.

      • Yes, hello friend and first collaborator. Today the sunset flickered like a candle flame on a lagoon in this place’s gardens, it jumped upon water with every breath of wind dancing to day’s end, a long lick coloured in yellows through to reds. can you tell, I’ve written little in the last two years, have been exploring more photography of late. (:

      • I haven’t written much myself, married life has me busy (: just trying to make my way back to a place of comfort, feeling the stifle of melting clay and hoping to tear down my fortress so I can write something beautiful today…

      • It’s been a long year hear from near as you can be to the start of 2017, in the midst to the dispersal of a generations possessions with little progress as waiting on a coroner’s findings and determination.

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