The Brook

(A start, but my head is not for writing today, it’s caught up with bigger things.)

“What is it today, pedal power or gas?

“Well we got both, but I forgot to fill the gas can, and I don’t feel like siphoning any out of the gas guzzler, so pedal power it will be.”

“I’m okay with that, where’ve brought us to any how?”

“The one and only, Tribulation.”

“Isn’t this place closed, off limits to all bar the wild things.”

“Yup! Sure is, and there ‘s a cool beach spot at the end of the trail where the reef comes right up to the low tide mark. Hence bringing along the snorkeling gear.”

“So why are we waiting, lets get cracking.”

Sarah and Deb loose the tension from the straps holding the mountain bikes in next to their enduro dirt bikes and wheel them off the back of the tray of the sisters’ one tonner. Throwing their helmets and packs on they mount up to then cut across an open area of about a quarter mile before entering Tribulation’s rain forest. Here, light is far less supportive to cycling at any great rate of knots and single file in mandatory laid upon them without option.

“Hey! follow me.” Deb speeds past her younger sister where the path widens for but a short moment, rushing into the dusky light ahead. Sarah puts the hammer down and in seconds closes the gap to just an inch or two from Deb’s rear wheel.

“What are you playing at, I thought we were going to just take it easy. I get enough of this on the world tour from other riders,  Deb, without coming home to visit and you do it too.”

“I just want to show you something that’s not on the trail. Found it about a month ago, and I’m sure no one knows it’s here.”

Deb puts her mountain bike into a slide and grinds it halt, when Sarah’s bike slams into her sister’s rear wheel. Flipping Sarah up and over her handlebars and dumping her unceremoniously into the dirt head first.

Springing to her feet like a pro, because she is a pro, Sarah turns. “What did you go and do that for, Deb?”

“You shouldn’t follow so close. I almost missed the marker.”

“We could of just slowed down and turned back around. Dam you, Deb! The bike fucked!” Picking her bike up off the ground, Sarah leans it up against the nearest tree.

“Listen, I’m sorry about the bike, the crash, and landing you head first in the dirt, but you have to see this place. I’ve told no one about it, just trust me, it will be way cool.”



8 responses to “Tribulation

  1. I agree with Suzanne. There’s something captivating about the story–the idea of Sarah’s sis taking her to see something no one else has ever laid eyes on. Ha! Could this be a big joke or a prelude to something spooky or dangerous? Are you planning on extending the story anytime soon?

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