Old Tavern Road

Old Tavern Road

Two centuries long, time parts his company
Returning home, from being lost on thirsty waters
To make a wild north sea, once more on a morrow’s tide
In stepping down to, a long since forgotten place

Where Old Tavern Road, it lies there up above
A walk for miles, where short stone walls they line
Each rolling step, over hills and down through dales
To where she rests, beside the ruin, these old tavern walls

As weather pales, muddy footprints gather in a day
All waiting patiently, as long-lost clan, they congregate
Collected with each passing storm, on Old Tavern Road
Pausing, for a once long-lost shipwright to return his way.


A small poem that escaped on passing by this image in the inter realms.

9 responses to “Old Tavern Road

    • Had started out remembering and chasing down old tunes heard as a small child on road trips, and then the bands followed by where band members are now. So it became a bit of a stumble upon to write a poem from the image. Thanks, Charles.

    • These folk are, Wolfscote, taken during a rehearsal session from what I understand the location to be, Wolfscote Dale Derbyshire. Thanks Simon, I’ll have to go check out Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention.

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