A cold front’s door

Last weeks Kellie Elmore, Free Write Friday – #FWF prompt:

It’s winter. Night. In a forest. You come across an abandoned house.


A short story without a second thought…

A cold front’s door

Loud cracking timber sounds fill the forest as a giant of a tree bellows its final moments, before collapsing beneath the weight of rapidly forming atmospheric ice. An engulfing frozen invasion brought on by the sudden change an uninvited cold front brings.

We need to get out of here, out of here now. Before we become like that tree up in front of us.

Get out of it, that tree was old, plus three miles to the truck isn’t that far to go.

Take a look up, ice is forming on the trees. That cold front they said on the radio was coming; well I think it’s here.

The unbelieving cinematographer switches the camera’s flood light on swinging it upwards as the sound engineer points a torch up into the tree canopy. An ominous serious chink like sounds, cracking glass, no…


Pine cone weight ice spears plummet towards the dirt and decaying vegetation beneath their feet.


Dropping the camera back down by her side, Jen begins to run, when a falling collection of ice shatters it from her hand. Lucy close behind, grabs her at a sprint.

Leave it!

Darting in a generally straight line amongst the trees, hand in hand; the two women spot what seems to be a building, a house in the dancing beam of Lucy’s torch.

Faster, Jen!

With you, Lucy!

As their two sets of feet reach the house, three small steps send them tumbling, skidding across an old weather beaten porch of raised nails and splinters. They scramble their way inside the empty unlit, abandoned abode to rest on their backs looking up. Each breathing heavy from their efforts to survive the night’s turn of events, looking up.



Side by side with Lucy’s torch pointing up; the roof has long since gone, only ice, trees and the stars fill the gaping hole above the walls to their find, this abandoned house of refuge, when a deafening crack splits a momentary stillness within the night’s chilled air.

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