Riverbed highways

Riverbed highways

Almost there now, left many months ago

Following dry winter highways

Meandering riverbeds

Between longhand waterholes

In dustless wind channels

Climbing to lofted mountains.

Not lost where, highlands

Rise above river plains

Through spoon fed valleys

Cut up between tight n’

Curled ravine trails, till

Ever passing, through distant

Places, riverbed highways

Unmap a free world

Stories shared, each one spoken

Voices for ink and wind for paper

Small moments write their own ways..


4 responses to “Riverbed highways

    • They share secrets, and when further from coast or inland seas, where their resting beds wait dry in Winter, they tell many more hidden tales of distant pasts and close ones too. Cheers, Julie.

  1. I always enjoy your poems and this is one of many that are pure and highly evocative.
    Best regards and wishing you a nice weekend, Aquileana šŸ˜›

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