As a sky sours

In strange ways while beneath a souring winter sky, the tales to what hurts penetrate the gloom. Collisions; good ones, bad ones, ones of loss, ones of glory and those of the brave. Yes the brave, their collisions always stand out, stand up and move forward for the right reasons regardless of circumstance or the hurt they will be sure to move through whether they make it to the other side or not. It’s what hurts the most, when those far braver than us, vanish, part company with the world for all the right and wrong reasons at once. The confusion such collisions bring when thinking back to a time, those moments before, before it all changed. Here, the human tale can share it’s own story…



6 responses to “As a sky sours

  1. A powerful piece of writing – the description of the sky souring for winter is very apt – brrr it’s cold down here in s.w. Vic isn’t it.

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