Places out in front

Kingdoms of rain

Places out in front

In a kingdom of rain

Where parachutes fail, while

Terminal velocity’s your friend

Until you hit the ground

So reach out fast before

Out with both your hands

And grab that green grass

Just to stop from bouncing

Give yourself a short time

A moment of pause, before

Standing up, standing up

To write some more

For it’s in your hands and

On your graces, to take

Those steps, to walk your way

Within your hearts content

Climbing challenges at your

Mind’s own pace, to those places

Those places out in front.

4 responses to “Places out in front

  1. Love that image of a rain drop falling on a blade of grass – bending the grass under weight and momentum – springing back, and slowly – ever slowly, slipping to the ground in droplets.

    • Listening, watching the poetry to small worlds is an interesting place to go, exploring the detail and then to pull back from visually to reveal a whole story and its verses, layers. Thanks, Eric

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