Beneath a verandah

Sitting beneath a verandah in dirt and dust

Peering through the tall grass thick against

It’s edges to watch as feet stumble on approach

To broken beaten steps ready to collapse under

Any weight but their own, Then stop, turn

And make passage back to where another figure

Stands at an end to an eroded gravel track’s last and

First, without a word spoken, their feet, wait and wait

Some more, until a sketch sits  finished to see

Resting upon the ground up against a motorcycle’s wheel

A rickety old house, bare greying timbers in a

Broken grove of trees and tall grass set to reclaim

once milled wealth with one small pair of eyes peering

Out at them between blades of grass beneath a verandah.

4 responses to “Beneath a verandah

    • Thank you, Sky. I wasn’t sure after starting how it would turn out as all the thought started with was the unknown world beneath the verandah and the unknown world outside with their two limited perspectives revealing only small parts to their worlds.

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