Wild-mint, her feet bare, but on she wanders

Nine days since journeying with Julie Ro

Though now they’ve parted company

As, Wild, she needed to travel a rising road

Red pea gravel with two steps forward

One step back, all while singing, how

Unlucky can one be, drawing lines

On a mud covered map in a place

Far from home, Wild-mint remembers a

Name, a place her only aunt talked about

Once, another place she once called home

Many years ago in another lifetime

But here now, Wild-mint walks her

Namesake route, Wild-mint Road..

6 responses to “Wild-mint

    • Perhaps, for I’m now finding myself using poems to explore in short form, a tale of many more words, the couple of hundred pages plus more kind. How many; I’m not sure yet. But poems have been offering brief explorations inside of characters and events.

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