Where blue birds fly


Between your bright blue bird and words expressed, shared. It’s beautiful to meet an incredible person such as one so connected to lifes’ differences. Writing, drawing in such a world that will never be dull, in a way like living on the fringes to the Roaring Forties and their alternate expressions. All the best in all endeavours, for those to of journeyed and the ones yet to arrive. It’s the stories that make us and our families, in how we write and draw them..

Flight in an open world, our wings should never be clipped over differences, for how we see it, in how we navigate our hand drawn cartography in bright colours, those we find drawn inside and about us, tell a story of each our own choosing, walls need not apply to such tales where blue birds fly, places where wind and sky write their worlds, wrapped in choices different to the masses, such freedoms to perch where we sketch our changing destinations, flight paths brimming full with tales.

A drafted comment from a few weeks back, but I need to remember better where the original post was from…

4 responses to “Where blue birds fly

  1. Marvellous imagery, the blue birds , the blue sky, the sensation of feeling blue…

    Always a pleasure to read your poems, Sean.
    Best wishes, Aquileana 🙂

    • Thanks Aquileana 🙂 The feeling of blue in this one is more to do with being different, but bright and alive to challenges… Thanks for reading, Sean 🙂

    • The above has more to do with an artist’s illustration and the way the particular illustration connects with/between them and their kin. 🙂 Cheers, Marj.

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