The Girl’s Name

Around 4pm, third of May the front door began to rattle as both voices at entrance and others moving through the front yard filtered through the windows. Sharon Gregory rolled to his feet from on the living room floor where he’d been sketching out a series of book covers.  Moving to the master bedroom where he can get a better look out into the front yard and down the driveway, Gregory sees a stream of people, various cultures, male, female, redheads, blondes, dark haired, some men with beards, all dressed in different attires. Returning to the living room, Gregory still has heard no one knock upon the door when a woman’s voice says, “I got the key.” And then after a few twitches, there’s a turn of the lock and with it the door is pushed open.

Around twenty-five people file through the door, each exchange a variety of thank yous, the men shaking hands, some follow with a hearty hug. Some women greeted Gregory with a kiss on his left cheek and hug, others a full kiss on the lips. Gregory felt lost, as his living room with all these different people siting on the sofa, chairs, stools and floor, he had no choice but to entertain his unknown guests, but as he looked around the room, he noticed some had physical scars and missing limbs, while others their scars could not be seen or were as noticeable. Off to the kitchen goes Gregory, as a few of the strangers offer to help and follow.

As the afternoon gets on, Gregory finds himself sitting next to the girl who had the key to his front door

“How did you have a key?”

Gregory has lost his memory when the vehicle he and his wife where in was blown apart, it’s now 18 months since the death of his wife doctor and surgeon, Anna Gregory.

These strangers to Sharon Gregory, are the peoples lives Anna Gregory saved along with a team of other medical professional in a war zone hospital.

The girl with the key, her scars beneath her dress, the last patient, victim of war,  Anna saved. The girl’s name…

Above is all I can recall to a strange dream one afternoon, the bits and pieces to an 18 month period all rattled off in probably just minutes to a dream. I’ve inserted names as I wanted to see how it might sit as a story.




10 responses to “The Girl’s Name

    • Now I just have to wind back the clock to connect the different stories it contains, to discover the future making for in the end. Thanks, Julie..

    • The part I remember most, is awaking to the rattling of the door and multiple voices, freaked me right out to the extent I thought I was awake. Then looking out the window to have the pressure inside the mind ease. To waking inside a lulled moment and not finding out the girl’s name. A strange dream..

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