Rounding out around the corner

A door it wasn’t closed it was just pulled too

Reached out to pull it back open

That’s when you stood right there looking blue

Saying, don’t leave, don’t go out that way

Those bare stairs they’re rotten all through

But without listening took out to step

Upon landing to collapse all the way

Right to the bottom with you

And that’s when we sat up and laughed

Because there was nothing we could do

For we both hit rock bottom

With nothing left to pursue, but

climb on up out of here, let us give you a boost

And you’ll be back up and right on through

Now you’re once again standing there, the door

It closes to, while down here a weight in silence

As suddenly busting open, door’s echoes true

Run feet along deserted hallways, as you

Jump right on out and through…

The title has little to do with the poem, it’s just a word I’ve been seeing pop up around the place of late..




4 responses to “sagacity

    • Thanks, Sky.. It sort of started out with the word, and then I just wrote without thinking of the word. I’ve a thing for collapsing landings, stairways, and their metaphors. Cheers again!

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