Youths’ mettle – no rush

Temper ones own nature,
temper ones mettle,
but some will seek to thrust
their unprepared,
untempered mettle,
directly at and in to furnaces,
only to return brittle, molten and
broken, while others believe they
can bear the burdens of men, women
but as it weighs upon them
they then soon buckle, break and
shatter beneath such weight.

the bridge

4 responses to “Youths’ mettle – no rush

    • Thanks, Suzanne. Being an image made of straight edges and structural, a copier filter gives it a sketch kind of feel. Doesn’t work as well with too many natural curves, but is possible given good definition in the composition’s elements..

  1. Brilliant. But then, “Some burn damp fagots, others may consume/ The entire combustible world in one small room” (Yeats, In Memory of Major Robert Gregory).

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