What’s in a label

What’s in a label, provincial
We become thought of as less

To worlds metropolitan, cosmopolitan
National in their blatant regard to exploitation

To suppress we unsophisticated, our lack
In having a broad-mind to progresses’ party

But all they leave us with is holes, mass
Subsidence’s and man made lakes they

Suck dry to the bone as they complain
Provincials’, they’re the problem.

Trees black and white

5 responses to “What’s in a label

    • I meant to write provincials’. Here it seems the term provincial has been seeing some frequent use by corporations and large lobbying groups in speeches and PR of late to label people in rural areas who disagree with their progress at all costs attitude. So the poem developed as a small exploration into how the term provincial has been getting used of late by big money related outcomes.

      • I see. Thanks for the answer. The poem is a smart and subtle commentary on clashing philosophies regarding what ‘progress’ is in this society. Perfect for Earth Day!

    • Yes, dappled things. Tends to first remind me of traveling through dry woodland forests, ones in perhaps Rosewood, Ironbark, Lemon Scented Gums, and many other kinds, diversity in such communities in what lives beneath these places along with those in more open or sheltered places not mentioned. Sometimes I ponder…

      Dappled is good to many worlds, but should all turn to bare bone, dried, split, and bleached beneath an unforgiving sun, where might the joy in difference be, in lands of only quarries and poisoned waters. As much some small few delight in modern humanities hunger for extortion, while they sleep inside their comfort upon such finite realms.

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